Beef fillet

There are meat dishes that astonish with their unpredictable deliciousness, thanks to the way in which they are seasoned and flavoured with unusual ingredients. So, how might we transform some good quality beef in such as way so as to satisfy the most demanding gourmets, if not with seasonal flavours? We suggest a superb recipe for beef fillet - a prized meat - enriched with an excellent blueberry sauce, a fruit that matures between spring and summer and with a flavour that goes well with meat. Following our step-by-step guidance you might well create a meal capable of seducing your better half or even a potential lover - don’t forget to create the right atmosphere, though, because food cannot be a substitute for emotions and feelings!


  • beef fillet Two beef fillet steaks, each about 4cm thick
  • herbs Mix of rosemary, mint, chives, sage and thyme
  • extra virgin olive oil As much as necessary
  • whole cooking salt As much as necessary
  • sugar 30 grams
  • blueberries 200 grams
  • onions A piece of white onion
  • white wine As much as necessary

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10 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Prepare some chopped herbs and sprinkle on the fillets. Salt the fillets on both sides. Generously oil a frying pan and brown the fillets for 3 minutes on each side, until you get a nice caramelised, crispy surface. Set aside. Prepare a sauce by frying some onion in a little olive oil, deglazing with the wine and then adding sugar and blueberries. Let it cook for a few minutes in order to obtain a sauce, crushing the blueberries with the help of a wooden spoon.

To make the best possible beef fillet with blueberry sauce, season your meat with a touch of mustard – it will be irresistible.
Today’s delicious main course has its origins in a beautiful region called Lunigiana, an historic area between Liguria and Tuscany in Italy

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