Pan-steamed Radicchio

We take a dip into the Veneto for this pan-steamed radicchio, a great side dish to serve with roasted meats and polenta. With little effort and not much expense (as long as you buy the radicchio when in season) you get a particularly versatile side-dish, suitable to accompany many different main courses, healthy and tasty, and enjoyed by everyone. Steamed radicchio is also ideal as part of a Christmas lunch. So simple to make, this dish is also highly attractive, making your meal not just extremely tasty but also beautiful to look at. There only remains the task of running to the market to buy some top quality, fresh and crisp radicchio: the other ingredients are simply olive oil and salt. Even if you're a beginner when it comes cooking, this recipe is absolutely within your reach.


5 minutes Total time
15 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Split the radicchio heads into four segments and rinse them thoroughly under running cold water. This is important in order to remove the bitterness that is deposited on the ends of the leaves. Heat a frying pan with a little olive oil and neatly arrange the segments of radicchio. Salt immediately the pan heats up and then and cover with a lid. Cook in this way, turning the radicchio half way through, such that they are softened but retain a little bite. Serve as a side dish for meat or polenta.

Radicchio can be stored, having been cleaned and sealed in a plastic bag or wrapped in a kitchen towel, for a week. Furthermore, when you buy them choose those that are frizzy and slightly opened, with no leaves damaged or yellowed.
There are many varieties of radicchio: the ‘red’ ones have dark red leaves and bigger white ribs such as Rosso di Treviso, Verona Red and Red Chioggia; variegated ones have yellow and green flecks, such as the Variegated Castelfranco and Chioggia; finally there are the completely white ones, such as Radicchio di Luisa.

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