Fish salami platter

Here is a very original variant of the classic Italian antipasto. The novelty consists in the use of fish cured meats, pescatorino, spicy pescatorino, pizzicata fish and thunnus, excellent fish-based sausages, combined with delicious and crunchy Apulian artichokes, Apulian dried tomatoes and, to top it all off, the excellent fresh mozzarella. An Italian appetizer in a "fish" version that will pleasantly surprise both your palate and that of your guests.


10 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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Slice the fish salami and arrange them on a cutting board with the other ingredients.

Fish cured meats are good both raw and used as ingredients in first or second courses of great quality.
The mixed appetizer with cold cuts and snacks has always been called the "Italian style" antipasto.

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