mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella is a specialty originating from the Campania region, and which over the centuries has also become common in neighboring regions such as southern Lazio and Puglia, as well as Basilicata, with two varieties mainly produced, namely, that based on buffalo milk and the other with cow's milk. Mozzarella is eaten as an appetizer accompanied by sweet raw ham, as well as paired with tomato in the famous Caprese salad, as well as in various first and second courses, where it contributes to giving a touch of freshness.

Use in cooking

Mozzarella is used in the kitchen both to prepare tasty appetizers, as well as for special first and second courses, as well as to enrich pizzas and focaccias of all kinds.


The conservation of mozzarella must take place in an environment in which the temperature is not below 5 or above 10 degrees.


Do you know where the name mozzarella comes from? The answer is simple: from cutting the stretched curd.

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