short pasta

It is not easy to get everyone to agree regarding the preferred and chosen pasta shapes to prepare the tastiest first courses, since some love long pasta and others, short pasta. Among the most famous types of short pasta, there are certainly fusilli, farfalle and penne, which are often used to prepare particularly delicious first courses, through baking or, alternatively, through classic cooking in a pot with boiling water. , adding refined sauces. Over the last few years, famous pasta producers have created specific lines for children, which include the use of vegetables in the dough with wheat and particularly small formats, suitable for eating from an early age.

Use in cooking

Within the Mediterranean diet, it would not be possible to imagine the daily preparation of tasty meals without pasta: pasta is perfect baked, pan-fried, boiled and seasoned in many different ways, as well as in stuffed form.


The correct conservation of pasta takes place inside hermetically sealed containers, in a cool, dry place away from light.


In past centuries, this regarding the controversy between those who love pasta more or less al dente, it was customary to cook pasta for much longer than nowadays.
This ingredient also provides recipes with Orecchiette, fusilli, trofie, paccheri, ziti, bucatini, rigatoni, shells, cavatelli, strozzapreti, quills, Cenci e garganelli.

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