Rice salad

If you are looking for the perfect dish for the whole family and for any situation - for instance a summer sunday lunch, a trip in the country or a picnic on the beach - the rice salad is right up your alley. It's a great single course that you can make just selecting your favourite fresh ingredients, those which you can often find in your fridge everyday! Our version is inspired to south Italy and in particular to Puglia, a region where you can find plenty of sweet sundried tomatoes, tasty almonds and soft capers, but you can get inspired and change the recipe according to your personal taste.


  • rice red
  • cherry tomatoes
  • almonds
  • black olives
  • Pecorino sheep's cheese
  • courgettes
  • capers
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • basil
  • sundried tomatoes
30 minutes Total time
30 minutes Active time
Serves 3 persons
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Cook your rice in boiling rice. In the meanwhile, make your seasoning: slice your tomato, pit olives and chop up them, cut roughly capers and almonds, cut sundried tomatoes and pecorino cheese into dices, courgette into slices and mix everything adding extravirgin olive oil and basil. Once the rice is ready, drain it and give it a wash with cold water. This is a trick that prevents the rice to overcook with its own heat and keeps the grains well separated. Mix your rice with the seasoning previously prepared. If necessary, add some more salt. Your rice salad is ready!

Our advice: why don't you get inspired, and you don't make our personal version of the rice salad? You can season it as you like, adding a spoon of mayonaise or of balsamic vinegar, or whatever you like best! 
The rice salas lays its origins it Spain and in particular in Andalucia. According to some experts, yet, its origins are Arab, and this delicious dish spread in Spain during the Arab domination.

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