One of the most appreciated and tasty French condiments is certainly mayonnaise, that white or straw yellow cream which is prepared starting from a simple but very effective and appreciated recipe, where the eggs - of which the whites and yolks are separated - are they combine with oil and, therefore, also with pinches of pepper and salt, to which a spoonful of vinegar or, depending on the case, even lemon juice is added to crown this delight. When it is prepared at home, care must be taken to ensure that no lumps form, since in that case, the mayonnaise would go crazy. As a condiment, the latter finds space in sandwiches, focaccias, meat main courses and side dishes.

Use in cooking

There is a lot of space in the kitchen for a tasty condiment such as mayonnaise: the latter, in fact, is used to enrich the taste of appetizers, first and second courses, especially meat-based ones, as well as for delicious side dishes such as French fries.


Mayonnaise should be stored in a tightly closed jar, placed in the refrigerator, for a period of about two weeks.


Mayonnaise is not only a famous and appreciated condiment all over the world: in reality, it is also the basis of pink sauce and ajoli.

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