Steak tartare with truffle oil

Meat is one of those foods that can be eaten in many different forms, regardless of the season and, above all, the ingredients which you have available in the kitchen. It’s not hard to satisfy even the most demanding of meat-eaters. For example, if you enjoy raw beef - steak tartare - a very light and pleasant dish especially during the summer, then you may like to try it flavoured with the unusual combination of a good truffle oil and a bit of mustard mayonnaise. It is not difficult to imagine how such a combination, a triumph of imagination and taste, could be all the rage during the summer, even better if eaten under a gazebo - and don’t forget to open a nice bottle of ‘Dolcetto d'Alba’.


10 minutes Total time
Serves 1 person
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Slice the beef fillet into julienne strips and then into cubes; do this carefully with a knife. Season with the pepper, salt and truffle oil. Flavour the mayonnaise with a little mustard and truffle oil. Serve by making little handmade balls of the steak mixture, seasoned lightly with a few dollops of mustard mayonnaise and truffle oil; accompany with Sardinian dried bread ‘carasau’.

You can transform your meal into a real masterpiece if you match your steak tartare with truffle oil with a good dry white wine.
Did you know that the truffle has, since ancient times, been considered a true aphrodisiac, thanks to the presence of an element known as ‘landrosterione’?

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