Crepes with four cheeses

What can you make to bring a touch of originality to your cookery, especially when you have various things left in the fridge which you don’t know what to do with? The solution is to use a bit of creativity, possibly reinterpreting some of the common or garden recipes, and adapting them to your purposes so as to amaze your guests. So, for example, we could make some crepes with four cheeses, a seductive idea and perfect for using up the eggs that are hanging around in the fridge. It is not difficult to make this tasty recipe: you should simply follow with care the recipe for making crepes, then prepare a mixture of various cheeses, melted until creamy, and finally pay close attention to the cooking time so as to serve the meal nice and hot when ready. With our precise and detailed recipe you won’t have any difficulty making something rather unusual – and fun – for your evening meal.


  • milk 250 millilitres Whole
  • Flour 100 grams
  • butter 20 grams A few flakes
  • egg 2 units
  • salt A pinch of salt
  • cheese 200g of leftover mixed cheeses of your choice
  • grain A sprinkling of parmesan
60 minutes Total time
30 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Start by making the dough for the crepes: mix the flour, milk, butter and eggs. Make sure you get a smooth mixture. Season with some salt. Let the batter stand for half an hour. Meanwhile pre-heat the oven to 180°C. Take a saucepan and dissolve all the cheeses, stirring with a wooden spoon, and adding a little milk if necessary to get the right creamy consistency. Add a good grinding of pepper and nutmeg to give flavour and character to the cream. Then return to your pancake batter. Make the crepes with a frying pan lightly greased with oil or butter. Put them to one side as you make them. When they’re all done, take them one by one and spread them with the melted cheese. Roll up the crepes and arrange them all in a row in a pan lined with baking parchment. Sprinkle with plenty of parmesan and add some butter. Bake in the pre-heated oven for half an hour. For the last 5 minutes turn on the grill. Serve hot, accompanied by a large salad of fresh, crisp mixed vegetables.

Don’t forget that making crepes is a real art: use a frying pan with a diameter which is not too wide and, above all, keep it well-oiled.
Our dish of the day, crepes with four cheese, is clearly inspired by the French, notwithstanding the fact that we have added a touch of housewife-ish originality.

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