Pasta with tomato sauce

Do you find pasta with tomato sauce rather humdrum and boring? Well, you’d be wrong! It’s simple and yet it can be stunning! If you follow my recipe, it will be a thousand times more tasty than a tasty pasta sauce. I thought of it as a way of impressing when you have little time, but also simply to enjoy a lovely plate of pasta by yourself! To make my pasta with tomato sauce you will need only a few simple ingredients that you will most likely already have in the house: your preferred pasta shape, some tomatoes, some basil leaves (if you don’t have any fresh, use some freeze-dried although it won’t be the same), the best olive oil that you have at home, a chilli pepper (in this case you can resort to dried variety without any worries), and a clove of garlic. What more do you want from life? With these few ingredients you’ll get the essence of Mediterranean cuisine on one plate!


15 minutes Total time
8 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Boil the pasta and make the sauce while the pasta is cooking. To make the sauce, take the tomatoes and cut into irregular cubes (they will be blended when cooked), setting aside a few pieces that will serve as a garnish, also diced into not-too-big cubes. Heat the oil in a saucepan and gently fry the garlic and chilli. Add the coarsely chopped tomato, season with salt and sugar, and cook over a moderate heat. When you see that the tomatoes begin to lose their consistency and become more like a sauce (the liquid has evaporated), remove from heat and blend with an electric hand blender (including the garlic and chilli because they will add flavour). Add a few torn basil leaves to the sauce in the pan. Now we just need to wait until the pasta is cooked, at which point you simply add it to the sauce and serve with a drizzle of olive oil! And there you have a very tasty pasta with tomato sauce which is slightly out of the ordinary!

After generously sprinkling with Parmesan cheese, you can give a touch of exclusivity to your pasta with tomato sauce by accompanying it with a glass of chardonnay.
The origins of the tomato - beyond the fact that they were brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus - are to be found in the Andes.

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