Tofu with champignon mushrooms

Here is a wonderful recipe entirely dedicated to vegetarians and vegans. It is tofu with mushrooms: a dish full of flavour, ideal to enjoy with fresh bread or, alternatively, lightly toasted bread. It’s a perfect dish for those who have very little time, because you simply fry the mushrooms in a pan, add the diced tofu, season with a few other ingredients and, if you like, make a sauce with a dash of cream. You could also try variations of the basic recipe, adding other vegetables such as crunchy carrots or chopped up tomatoes or peppers, or even a few almonds or pine nuts. In short, it is a recipe that is not only easy to make but also lets your imagination run riot, allowing you to add whatever tickles your fancy. However, if you are vegan, I would advise you to keep the mushroom-tofu pairing because it means you can maintain a good level of nutrition, particularly vis-a-vis protein which might not otherwise be high enough to make up for the lack of meat or fish. However, we also recommend this recipe to all our friends, even those who are not vegans. It’s a great recipe to try for anyone who might have a prejudice against vegan cuisine.


  • champignons mushrooms 200 grams
  • parsley
  • garlic 1 clove
  • fresh cream 20 millilitres
  • salt
  • oil
  • tofu 200 grams

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20 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 1 person
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Slice the mushrooms and cut the tofu into rectangles. Sauté the mushrooms and browned add the tofu and let it cook. Add salt, a clove of minced garlic and roughly chopped parsley. Add a drizzle of cream and warm through gently before serving.

Tofu is light but rich in protein, and so is just right if you're on a diet and want to lose weight healthily, without giving up too much protein.
The term ‘tofu’ is Japanese and means "boneless meat." The name refers to the high percentage of vegetable protein present in it, making it an excellent alternative to meat. However, tofu is not originally Japanese, but Chinese, and it is an ancient food. It seems that it has been around for at least two thousand years.

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