Millefeuille with Chantilly cream and fruits of the forest

Our journey to discover the most delicate and tempting sweet pastries from the international pastry-making tradition includes making delicious recipes which have been reinterpreted in various ways, looking for the best balance between flavours and ingredients, because the skill in making pastries is measured precisely in those flashes of elegant creativity. Here is, then, our special recipe for the famous millefeuille pastry, made in this case with Chantilly cream and fruits of the forest, combining in a single dish the maximum pleasure for both the eye and the stomach - in short, a perfect demonstration of the culinary art, satisfying in one delicious confection all the desires of a sweet tooth. Follow our guidance, step-by-step, and get ready to share with your guests an exclusive and sensational pastry that will thrill everyone who eats it in just a few forkfuls. Are you ready to soak up the acclamation of your guests?


  • puff pastry 300 grams
  • egg yolks 4 egg yolks
  • sugar 100 grams
  • plain flour 40 grams
  • milk 400 millilitres
  • vanillin 1 sachet
  • whipping cream 150 millilitres Sugared for whipping
  • fruits of the forest 150 grams
25 minutes Total time
20 minutes Active time
Serves 5 persons
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First of all, prepare the pastry cream: beat the egg yolks with the sugar until you have a frothy and smooth consistency. Then pour in the milk little by little, and finally sift in the flour and vanilla. Mix well and put everything in a pan over low heat and cook for about ten minutes, stirring constantly. Let the pastry cream cool, and in the meantime whip the cream. When the pastry cream is completely cold add the whipped cream, stirring from the bottom up with a spoon. Now that the Chantilly cream is ready, roll out the puff pastry as thinly as possible until you have enough for three layers of the same size. Prick the pastry dough with a fork and bake the three layers in the oven on a medium heat for 20 minutes (if you have a gas oven, turn the layers over halfway through the cooking time and take care not to burn them). Remove them from the oven and let them cool. With a knife, trim the edges of the pastry and cut it into squares. Place one square of pastry directly on a plate, spread with cream and add a few berries. Put a second square of pastry on the first and spread on some more cream. Add a few more berries. Now lie the third pastry square on top. Dust with icing sugar and decorate with a few more berries. Finally, if you want to, you could pour a little wild strawberry sauce over the whole thing. Prepare more individual pastries until all the pastry and Chantilly cream is used up.

To speed up the preparation of the exquisite Chantilly cream, vanillin is used in place of the vanilla pod.
Chantilly whipped cream was made for the first time in France by François Vatel, during the 1600s.

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