How to prepare Frisa from Apulia

The frisa is a simple and all in all complete dish. It characterizes and accompanies the summer evenings not only in Salento, but a little throughout Italy. Especially since tourists and vacationers who landed in Puglia have not discovered and re-proposed it even well outside the regional borders.
Its simplicity is counterpointed by an extraordinary versatility. In fact, there is not only one type of frisa, but many types! Everyone can dress it as they see fit, according to taste and imagination!


Frisa del salento, pomodori, cipolle, capperi, sale, olio e acqua

10 minutes Total time
1 minutes Active time
Serves 1 person
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Prepare any toppings you intend to use. Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them into small cubes. Finely slice a good Tropea onion or a red onion, or a spring onion to your taste. Then keep capers, carousels, oregano, olives, salt, pepper, oil, and everything you think might be to your taste. At this point, immerse the Salento frisa in water. Wait a few seconds: experience will teach you how to manage this waiting time. Don't overdo it, however! A minimum of crunchiness is always welcome. After dipping the frisa in water, lift it and drain it briefly. Finally place it on the plate and season it to taste. If you want to season the Salento frisa as per tradition, don't forget to read what is explained further down on this page!

Frisa should not be simply seasoned. It must be rubbed generously with an excellent ripe tomato. At that point it will absorb all the essence of Salento and the flavor of the Mediterranean. Then all you have to do is complete with oil and salt before proceeding with the filling.
The frisa can be made with different flours: wheat, barley, cereals .... therefore, it is not only the goodness of the ingredients that you will use to season it that makes it special, but also its very essence. In fact, each cereal confers a unique flavor to the frisa. Slowly, taste after taste, you will discover which type of frisa you prefer!

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