Savoury puffs

One of the periods in history which made Italy great, scattering its wonders to the four corners of the world, was the Renaissance. In this period of prosperity and innovation were born the inventors of today’s recipe, although not in their present form – namely, pastry puffs. These have been reinterpreted in a savoury version to give life to tasty morsel perfect for all those festive occasions when we like to show off our outstanding originality in the kitchen! They offer guests all the scrumptiousness of an out of the ordinary starter, and are particularly suited to a finger food buffet. Following our recipe, you'll discover how in just a few steps, and with a bit of canniness, you’ll have no trouble producing these canapés to give a dramatic touch to your party: are you ready to follow our advice?


10 minutes Total time
Serves 6 persons
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Cut the mortadella into small to medium parts, put in the blender and add the ricotta. Pour the milk and extra virgin olive oil into the blender, along with some Parmesan cheese to your taste (the more you put in the more savoury the cream puffs will be). Blend everything with a little pepper until creamy. Cut off the top of the cream puffs and fill them with the cream of mortadella using a spoon or a pastry bag. Top the puffs with the part you cut off.

To make these pastry puffs, timing is really important: the filling should be done just before serving.
Despite the French name, ‘bigné, these pastry puffs are one of the countless examples of the greatness of the Italian Renaissance.

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