Greek lamb

Among European countries, Greece is certainly one which has gained great popularity with the beauty of its landscapes, but not just this: it also provides its visitors with a unique experience that remains engraved in their hearts for ever more. These areas, steeped in history, also exude the freshness and charm of genuine rustic environments, offering fresh produce to be enjoyed on any occasion, with flavours which hark back to previous centuries. A very interesting aspect of a trip to Greece is that often - at an inn - the locals are exceptionally welcoming and invite you to discover their culinary treasures which would otherwise lie forgotten in their pots and pans. In our case, we discovered a magnificent lamb stew from which we adapted this wonderful recipe – it will transport you to the land of the Greeks, where you will discover ancient and precious tastes.


90 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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Cut the lamb into portions and place in a bowl. Now we will prepare a half-hour marinade: cut the lemon wedges in half and place in the bowl, add the salt, oregano, cinnamon and pimiento; slice the onion, coarsely dice the carrot and stir everything well. Leave for half an hour, strain any remaining marinade and set aside. Heat a pan with plenty of oil and brown the lamb for ten minutes. Add the marinade, cover with hot water and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to a minimum and cover with a lid. Cook for an hour, if necessary adding more water. When cooked, it should be so soft that it melts in your mouth, giving off the aroma of olive groves and sheep pastures.

When buying lamb, we advise selecting cutlets: they are so delicious that, combined with a good dessert, the meal will go like hot cakes.
To make your Greek lamb taste even more delicious and "clean", you could add a little balsamic vinegar.

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