There are classic dishes of the Teutonic culinary tradition which, with their intense and distinctive flavour, are particularly enticing and suitable for the winter months, ideal as side dishes or even as a less formal main meal for lunch or dinner. Today we have chosen a lovely recipe for spätzli, the famous small dumplings that come from the Austrian, German and Swiss cuisines; we have jazzed up the ingredients a little to make the final result even more flavourful. In our version of spätzli we have added delicious ingredients such as cream, bacon, mushrooms and spinach, which together create the perfect combination for accompanying a main course dish in winter. Are you ready to try your hand at making this Teutonic delicacy? Follow our recipe and you’re sure to get an amazing result!


  • plain flour 200 grams
  • eggs 3 units
  • milk 30 millilitres
  • spinach 250 grams Boiled and drained
  • oil
  • salt
  • preserved mushrooms 250 grams
  • fresh cream 100 millilitres
  • speck 100 grams
  • butter 40 grams
  • salt
  • pepper

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70 minutes Total time
5 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Prepare the spätzli as follows: in a bowl, mix together the eggs, chopped spinach, milk, oil and salt with an electric hand whisk. Now add the flour a tablespoon at a time and continue to mix with the electric whisk. Place the mixture in a freezer bag which you will subsequently use as a piping bag by cutting off one corner. Over a pan of boiling salted water, cut small pieces of dough from the bag with scissors as the dough comes out of the corner of the bag. When the spatzli rise up from the bottom to the surface it means that they are ready; drain and set aside on a plate. Now prepare the sauce: in a saucepan melt the butter and fry the cubed speck ham, the mushrooms and the drained and rinsed spatzli. After half a minute, add the cream and mix everything thoroughly, add salt and pepper, mix again and when the cream starts to thicken you'll have a tasty mountain dish!

If you want to make the spätzli even more scrumptious, and following the classic recipe, use beer to make your dough.
Spätzli originate from southern Germany, in Swabia and Bavaria, although they are also made very well in Switzerland and parts of Austria.

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